VOTR Grass Rankings & Policies

Starting with 2019 VOTR has adopted a new ranking system. Players will now be earning their rank, i.e. win BB you are an A level player. For 2022 we will start with 2021 results.

See below for our ranking table.

AA Divisions
# Teams 6-12 13-18 19-30
1st AA AA AA
2nd A AA AA
3rd A A AA
4th   A A
5th     A
7th     A




A Divisions
# Teams 8-12 13-18 19-24 25-42
1st A A AA AA
2nd A A A AA
3rd A A A A
4th   A A A
5th     A A
7th       A




BB Divisions
# Teams 8-12 13-24 25-42 43-60
1st BB A A A A
2nd BB BB A A A
3rd   BB BB BB A
4th   BB BB BB BB
5th     BB BB BB
7th     BB BB BB
9th       BB BB
13th         BB




B Divisions
# Teams 8-12 13-24 25-42 43-60
2nd     BB BB BB
3rd       BB BB
4th         BB





  • Players may play above, but not below their rating.
  • A team must play at the rating of the team member with the highest rating (or above).
    • You may play down a level with approval by the Tournament Organizer prior to the event. However you will not be allowed to advance from pool play into the playoffs.
  • A players rating lasts the remainder of the year it was earned & the entire following year.
    • i.e. June 1st, 2021 Karch earns his "A" rating by winning "BB." Karch must play "A" all of 2021 & 2022. If Karch does not maintain his "A" rating, it will drop to "BB" January 2023 and he is allowed to play BB.
  • We reserve the right to deny any player entry into a division if we feel your level does not match.

*While we are developing this system and making it hard and fast, non-negotiable, VOTR may allow or disallow on players division prior to the tournament and also day of (team goes 10-0 +125 in BB you could get moved up)