Volleyball Clinics!

Kris Bredehoft at a Colorado Volleyball Clinic
Photo by Bob Blackburn

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The Island and Oasis provide clinics most weekends when court space is available
Each clinic will focus on different aspects of the game i.e. Ball Control, Passing, Free Ball Drills, Setting, Blocking/Jousting, 2’s and 4’s Strategy, Shot Drills, Serve Receive, etc.

Kris Bredehoft’s Bio:


Kris Bredehoft has played sand volleyball for over 35 years and has coached club & high school volleyball since 1991. Kris has finished 1st in the Open 2x2 division (Top Level) in many local events including Beach Bash Doubles, Steamboat Doubles, Snowmass Doubles, Breckenridge Doubles as well as the masters division at Motherlode. Kris also finished in 1st place for the 2011/12 and 2008/09 Queen of the Beach Winter Series. Kris has also played in professional AVP qualifier tournaments for many years in AZ, CA, CO, FL, & IL, including a match against 3 time gold medalists Keri Walsh & Misty May. She is a certified yoga instructor and has her bachelors degree in Education.